Monday, April 30, 2007

I don't play well with others? Shut up, you.

My friend Skeezix just commented on my last entry that she's tired and trying to motivate herself to ride after work. Me too, my friend, but after wrestling with it for a while I decided tired wins today. My legs need a break after the insane amount of over-work they got this weekend.

Saturday started with a BodyPump class at my gym (free weights + music + perky instructor=Ugh) followed by many errands (fueled by peanut butter M&Ms) followed by an hour and a half ride at Powhite. I was satisfactorily worn out after that and happy to settle down with some fish tacos and a glass of wine. A good day.

On Sunday we drove out to a nearby state park to participate in an organized group ride for women. At least, that's why I went. Kenny came along to ride with the other men who showed up to do their own ride, which is great because it's a girl ride! A ride for girls! So why did I end up in a group with two men? This always happens and I DO NOT GET IT. I like men, and they're generally polite and easygoing, but if you have a penis at a women's group ride, maybe you go ride with other men that day, you know? But I didn't say anything because I think people already assume I'm a bad sport (which I am) and I'll chalk my other petty issues up to being a bad team player (which I also am.)
I will say this: A beginner belongs with the beginner group, regardless of gender, because what I don't need is some roadie on his be-panniered mountain bike wobbling and crashing in front of me. It makes me really nervous. Also, stop buzzing my tires, dude. (I'm sorry, did I say I was going to keep my issues to myself? Hahahaha.)

Please note: I love beginners. I was one of them for a long time, but if you are one, ride with the beginner group! It will be more fun for everyone.

ANYWAY, issues aside, it was a simply gorgeous day and we all settled down and had a really good ride once the group dynamic had sorted itself out. The trails out at Pocahontas Park are some of the best I've ever ridden - swoopy and fast and technical all at the same time. Brilliant trails that I could ride every day and never get tired of. Sigh.

Today I think the legs need some rest, so instead of riding I'm going to tend to my garden.

Look! Baby broccoli:

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Skeezix said...

Ha! I totally understand perky instructors and wanting them to die. Wait, you didn't say die, that was only my sentiment.

As a beginner rider I would never step up to the next level unless I was entirely ready. What was that dude thinking? And considering he had a penis why was he riding with the ladies? Grrr.

Ps. I would like some baby broccoli but I've yet to plant a single thing.