Monday, April 9, 2007

Virginia: 28 Seasons, Nonconsecutive.

Seriously, this weather thing is OUT OF CONTROL. I can't even handle it anymore and my skin is freaking out. Sorry about the lack of updates - four days off work and a houseful of guests has thrown my schedule way far offffff. I did get to ride my bike a few times, I just didn't get a chance to write about it. It went something like this:

Tuesday: (High temperature: 83 degrees!!1) Kenny and I did the big loop after work. Nothing noteworthy, but it was fun.

Thursday: (high temperature: 63 degrees) Our house guests went out to sitesee, so I rode alone over to Powhite park where a backhoe almost timbered a tree right on my head. Apparently the city is doing some work on the sewer lines that run through the park and this involved ripping up trees and letting them fall, oh, just wherever, and lo be warned the stupid mountain biker who might happen into it's path. I was riding the dips in and out of the ravine when I heard the construction and glanced up to see a sapling falling out of the sky. I removed myself from that section of trail rather quickly and stuck to the other side of the hill. Jerks.

My solo rides are rarely that strenuous because I have a tendency to stop and look too much. I did have to stop and pee once too, which might be my least favorite thing about mountain biking. peeing in the woods is fraught with peril if you're a girl. Nobody saw me, probably because I was so far off the trail it's amazing I wasn't actually in Australia.

Sunday: (High temperature: 50 degrees) Laden with the weight of four days of eating out, drinking too much booze, and freaking out over the SNOW we got on Saturday morning, Kenny and I layered up and slogged our way over to Powhite (again) because we couldn't face the rigors of the Big Loop. We rode for about an hour complaining about lead-filled legs. It was hard and I felt every cookie, every glass of wine, I'd consumed the night before. It's so unfair, really.

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Skeezix said...

I've not ridden since last Monday because it was on Wednesday that the tempature dropped down to below 30 degrees and decided to hover there.

I can exercise in the cold because I end up sounding like a near-death pnenumia (sp?) patient.