Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I Suck at Updating

1. Up until last week, it rained every weekend for a month and a half.
2. How many different ways can I bore you by describing an hour-long ride at Powhite park?
3. How many different ways can I bore you by describing a two hour ride on the Buttermilk trails?
4. I have other hobbies too, some of which I write about on my other blog.
5. The only time I get comments is when my three readers are annoyed at me for not posting.
6. I don't like to ride in the dark, in the cold, in the snow, or in the rain. That's what the gym is for.

SO, now it's spring and I might actually get to spend some quality time on my bike. Also, the Urban Assault race is scheduled for May16th, and depending on how I'm riding, I might actually enter it. (I SAID MIGHT.) There are other race possibilities, but for some reason Sport Women always get completely bitch-ass punished with 9:30am start times. Now, if my husband's race starts at noon and I have to start at 9:30am, (which means leaving the house at 8am to get to the course with time for a warm-up because it will be freezing cold) this means I have to stay there ALL DAMN DAY. I don't know about you, but I have other stuff I'd like to do with my Sunday afternoon. Stuff that doesn't involve freezing my ass off while sitting on a pile of leaves wishing I had a hot shower and some real food. It's real glamorous at the bike races, as I'm sure you know.

Now, last Sunday was an exception in that the sun was shining and it was not cold. We did a fairly casual loop of the river trails and did part of the Forest Hill section backwards, which I don't like, but always fall for. Backwards is harder and has less fun-payoff, but at least it changes the way you look at the trail. You can't cheat by using the line you always use, if that makes sense.

So, Kenny suggests we do the trail backwards and I'm suspicious, because backwards is harder, right? Kenny's all, "Sort of, but it's easier in the beginning." This is not true. It's less heinously steep, for sure, but it's not exactly a rollicking good time.

Unfortunately I lost quite a bit of whining cred by dragging Kenny to the gym with my all those rainy Sundays and setting him up for a weight lifting routine. Once your husband sees you dead lift your body weight and hoist a 30lb dumbbell over your head real fast, the jig is up. He knows you're pretty strong now, genius. Time to shut up and pedal. Dang.

Maybe I'll bedazzle my frame with that: Shut Up and Pedal.

PS. If you've harangued me for a new entry, how about leaving me a comment? Tell me what bike-related event you're looking forward to. Or, what you had for lunch or something.