Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cute Girl Stuff

I think I've bitched before about how annoyed I get with the quality and type of women's cycling gear that's generally available. The local stores are generally very bad about carrying a decent selection and what they do have is considered "seasonal." No, really. I once got in an argument with a sales guy who was trying to tell me that the women's shorts were out of of stock in March because they're seasonal. So I guess only men ride in the spring? Loser. Anyway, there's a new bike shop in town and not only do they carry women's stuff, they carry COOL women's stuff. So excited! They have Shebeest which I love, but also a brand I'd not heard of before, Twin Six.

I bought a Twin Six water bottle:

And a pair of Twin Six socks because I can't resist skulls, not ever:

I know I was all anti-pink before, but with the skulls, it's somehow okay. The thing I want the most is this crazy houndstooth jersey, but it's a little pricey. It will belong to me one day soon, just you wait.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Hi there. Where have I been? Not riding. Instead, I spent the last week working a conference that my department was hosting and it was really hard and involved many hours of being and I did not ever get to go home except to sleep. (Add to that, a lovely case of poison ivy the like of which I have never experienced. It's like I took a big handful and dabbed it all over my legs. I am PRETTY, let me tell you.) Now the work madness is over and I can get back to my regularly scheduled slackness and also ride my bike.

The weekend before last Kenny cleaned up and repaired our hardtail bikes so we could have options, like. I, shamefully, had not ridden my hardtail since last spring. I know! What is my problem? Not only that, I rode it in a muddy race and then put it in the shed with nary a backwards glance. I am Satan to bikes. I have no excuses, I'm afraid.

Anyway, look how shiny they are! The red one is Kenny's Mongoose and the blue is my very first mountain bike, a Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo.


hookoo upsidedown

hoo koo e koo

top tube