Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cute Girl Stuff

I think I've bitched before about how annoyed I get with the quality and type of women's cycling gear that's generally available. The local stores are generally very bad about carrying a decent selection and what they do have is considered "seasonal." No, really. I once got in an argument with a sales guy who was trying to tell me that the women's shorts were out of of stock in March because they're seasonal. So I guess only men ride in the spring? Loser. Anyway, there's a new bike shop in town and not only do they carry women's stuff, they carry COOL women's stuff. So excited! They have Shebeest which I love, but also a brand I'd not heard of before, Twin Six.

I bought a Twin Six water bottle:

And a pair of Twin Six socks because I can't resist skulls, not ever:

I know I was all anti-pink before, but with the skulls, it's somehow okay. The thing I want the most is this crazy houndstooth jersey, but it's a little pricey. It will belong to me one day soon, just you wait.


Mallie said...

Twin Six does have cool stuff. And I love Shebeest too. I actually like pink. I don't think it has to be a "bad" color because it is associated with feminity. Heck...look at my blog!

Lisa said...

Oh! I'm getting a couple of those water bottles. I bet Matt will steal them.

Mallie said...

Where you been? Everything OK?