Tuesday, April 3, 2007

If I didn't hate emoticons, I'd have a sad face here.

I really do hate emoticons because I think they dumb down people's writing. If you can't write without using one (or it's evil cousin, Internet Shorthand)perhaps it's time to reconsider your skillzzz and maybe work on how to portray your current state of emotion using actual, real, non abbreviated WORDS. It can be done, I swear.

What? This isn't my other blog? Holy crap, where am I? Right! Bikes! Sorry, I don't have any bike news because I haven't ridden in four days. FOUR DAYS. I feel sad about this, but the weather on Sunday was gloomy and dreary, not to mention sort of cold. It wasn't actually cold, just... not warm. We've become so incredibly spoiled in the past two weeks by the nice weather that the idea of having to wear a jacket to ride just made us grumpy. I went to the gym instead which was bleak, but easy. I usually do about 45 minutes to an hour of various cardio stuff (elliptical, that stride runner thing, treadmill, gauntlet, whatever doesn't bore me) and then pretend to do abs and stretch before leaving.

For weight workouts I've been doing this BodyPump class, which I like but it's limiting. I'm entirely frustrated with the constant crowd in the freeweights area, so I've given up trying for now. I also have a weird sort of thing with weights and cycling - I think lifting is great and can only be good for me, but if I work my legs too hard it KILLS my ride. How do other cyclists deal with that? I might have to research it.

Lord, I'm dull. Anyway, it's supposed to be warm and sunny today so I'm definitely going out on the bike tonight. The rest of the week looks like more bleak coldish weather, so I don't know about that. I have a few days off, so I should really just suck it up and do it anyway, I suppose. Bleh.


Mallie said...

First, thanks for stopping by my blog. Second...great blog of your own. I'll be back to see what you're up to.

Skeezix said...

Emoticons are rage inducing for me. They pretty much are the bane of my exsistance.

I don't know if your gym offers it but I recently got a trainer and she's done wonders for my weight lifting routine. I bet if you just had one session and explained that muscle fatigue from lifting was affecting your rides they could come up with a plan to avoid that.