Monday, May 21, 2007

Yesterday Was Excellent...

So why do my legs feel like ass? I did my usual overzealous gym workout on Saturday and when I woke up Sunday my hamstrings were all, HERE WE ARE. Ouch. This did not stop me from driving with Kenny out to Pocahontas State Park to join a group ride. Whee! This is one of my favorite places to ride, hands down. It's loopy and technical and doesn't have a whole shit ton of climbing. Perfecto.

The first 20 minutes of the ride were pretty typical - painful and making me wonder for the 800th time why on earth I was doing this to myself. Then my lungs adjusted and my hamstrings unstrung a bit and I was good to go.

We did a lap of the green (easy) trail and then rode the whole Lakeview/Lakeview Too trail. I think we probably did 12-14 miles total (which sounds so ridiculous in road biking terms but mountain biking is quality over quantity, people! Plus, the pace is much slower.)

I rode pretty much everything except a couple of sketchy looking creek crossings. I was sort of trying to explain myself to someone in the group, saying the rocks looked really slippery and she was all,

"They really aren't. Actually, these crossings are the easiest of any I've ever done."

Oh...kay. I feel better now? Thanks for the boost! I did ride this funky little drop-off that I deliberately skipped the last time I was out there. Kenny missed me riding it so I did it again just to prove I could. Hmph.

The star of the day was the weather - it was in the high 70s and sunny with none of the suffocating humidity that I know is coming. When we got home from the ride we were both completely useless but it was still so pretty out! We both spent some quality time lolling around in the back yard with the cats just to get some extra nice-dayness in. I took pictures of cats because they were all being extra cute but I forgot to upload them. I'll try and add them in tonight.


Skeezix said...

Yes! I would like to see the kits!

Bravo on doing the funky little drop off!

Lisa said...

Ya know, Jay and I both felt like crap after Sunday's ride - we were totally useless too. Weird.