Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Evil Ivy.

The biking season has officially begun and I know this for serious because lo, I have my first tiny dots of poison ivy. I used to be one of those jerks who was all, "I don't get poison ivy!" like my skin was super-special and resistant to the lowly poison weed. Not so. Last year I noticed an itchy patch on my arm and it took me days, DAYS, to figure it out because I am dumb. Duh. Now I have several tiny patches on my legs and one tiny dot of it on my arm. It's going to be a long itchy summer, my friends.

So last night I got a ride in! I wasn't going to because I was really exhausted and jetlagged, but Kenny told me he was going to join the weekly "Mellow Monday" ride at Powhite park and I decided to tag along, even though I doubted the "Mellow" part. I'm like Charlie Brown with the football when it comes to so-called easy rides. They lie, people. Almost always, they lie.

But I was pleasantly surprised. A bunch of guys showed up (Lisa? Why has thou forsaken me?) and it was truly a nice easy pace. Not snail-slow, just a nice noncompetitive ride with a bit of chatting and some stopping to try various obstacles. I made it over one of the bigger logs I'd been leery of, which was a nice confidence booster. I really enjoyed myself and was SO GLAD to get out in the fresh air. Twelve hours in airports and airplanes will do that to a girl (travel hell details can be found at http://amblus-amblus.blogspot.com/).


Lisa said...

Ugh - I really wish I could have made it last night, but the Pres. of MORE and I were hashing out the club Bylaws. I'm glad you had a good time!

Skeezix said...

Good job on the big log!

And fresh air will make almost anything better. I swear.

Jill said...

Great you were able to get out for a ride ... even if it does come with an itchy price.