Thursday, March 15, 2007

A ride! A ride! Not even kidding!

Yesterday was completely sucktastic for me and K was still feeling a little hork-y, so when we got home from work we decided to do a mellow "easy parts" ride (read: we did the big loop sans Forest Hill). The weather was glorious yesterday and I could feel my body sucking in the vitamin D all crazy with the lack of warmth and sun. It could be 80 degrees every day for the rest of my life and I'd be okay with that. (Actually, that's not true but right now it feels true.) Anyway, we got suited up (SHORT SLEEVES YAY) and rode from our house to the Boulevard Bridge, rode across the bridge (rebels!) and down to the North Trail. Almost immediately we ran into a few friends and being that it was a casual ride, we spent a few relaxed minutes catching up and then continued on our way.

One of my favorite things about a casual ride (as opposed to a training ride or group ride) is that you can stop and be all, "Look at that! Isn't that cool?" and you can stop and dig the view without anyone getting annoyed with you for holding up the line. Cool things we saw yesterday:

- one of the Maymont bears
- a fat groundhog hauling ass up a hill
- lotta rednecks
- beautiful sunset
- our friend Glenn's 29er

We continued on across the ped bridge (hate) and rode the top of Belle Isle before heading over to the fire road. We then contemplated riding Forest Hill, then wisely decided there wasn't enough daylight left and rode back to the bridge on the Buttermilk Heights trail, which I lurve. I do, Heights is the bomb.

So that's the first after-work ride of 2007 and it was a really good one. It cleared my head of the crap I'd dealt with earlier in the day and I slept like a baby last night which is the best benefit of all.

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