Friday, March 23, 2007

More Whining

I know, I know. It's 80 degrees out and sunny and I got to ride my bike and all I could do was wheeze and complain about it. Well, I had to wait and get my breath back first, but then I complained, bitterly. I'm allergic to whatever devil seed is currently in bloom right now and it's making me REALLY CRANKY.

You know how when you have a bad cold and you can't breathe and you're completely out of breath and all heart- palpitatey after climbing a short staircase or something? That was me last night after every hill climb. Little ones, big ones, didn't matter. I was weezy and miserable and SLOOOOOOW. So, so slow. Apparently those lungs really come in handy with the cardio stuff, huh? It was so annoying because it was such a perfect day and I could barely hack the exact same trails I rode two short days ago.

The final nail in the coffin was the long hill coming off the Boulevard bridge on the way home. It was the last climb of the day and I was tired and winded. K. and our friend P. (who are both damn good cyclists) decided to get it over with quickly, while I was just concentrating on turning the pedals. I put my head down to get my weight forward and when I looked up they were freaking HALFWAY UP THE HILL. I'd barely touched it. I could only laugh or cry and I wanted to do both at the same time.

Home was lovely - beer, burritoes and a hot shower. I was exausted and in bed by 10pm. I think the next ride will be Sunday, so for all one of you who's reading this, look for the next installment on Monday. Woot.

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Skeezix said...

Dude, the pollen in my air has given me a near constant headache for the last week. My allergies have never been this bad before, I hope this isn't some sort of sign of how the entire spring and summer is going to be.