Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deep Dark Cycling Secret

Here's a secret: I don't actually like to suffer.

Which is why I have a 40 degree rule when it comes to outdoor cycling. I am...what is the word? A wuss. A WUSS. I don't like to be cold, my joints don't like it, my lungs don't like it, my toes don't like it. DO NOT WANT. On New Year's Day I broke that rule and went out with the group for a cold, cold ride, regretting it almost immediately. I don't really have the right gloves or shoes for cold weather and ten minutes into the ride I couldn't feel my fingers (which is grand when they are what pull your brake levers) and I couldn't feel my feet, also important.

I whined, just a little bit. But I stuck with it and eventually everything warmed up except my toes, which just went completely numb, solving that problem. We didn't stay out too long and I was 100% relieved to get back into the warm house full of post-Christmas cookies and whatnot. Gah. I haven't ridden since then. I learned my lesson. I am not currently training for anything and I have two gyms at my disposal, so why suffer?

I don't want to dread the idea of riding my bike, so instead I've been working really hard at the gym. I've been taking three spinning classes every week and continue to lift weights three times a week. It's been enough to keep me fit and the spinning, while not a perfect substitution for riding, at least keeps those muscles going and keeps my bike butt from going soft.

The saddest part: that the photo above? That was taken in DECEMBER. Not long before Christmas. It's so sad that one day it's warm enough to go out in short sleeves and two weeks later the high temperature is 20. What is that? Bleh. Hurry up, spring.

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