Friday, January 30, 2009

Dead Weight

YOU GUYS. I think it's going to be in the 50s and not raining on Sunday which means I'll get to brush off the cobwebs and ride my bike! I'm so excited. I think I really needed a few weeks away from riding to really get excited about it again. I've been really enjoying spinning classes lately which is always a bad sign - it means I've forgotten what a real ride feels like.

In the meantime, shall I bore you with more weights talk? Last night I deadlifted 115lb. I deadlifted Jennifer Aniston. This is HUGE for me, considering that a year ago I couldn't even begin to pick up the 70lb pre-set bar at all. I couldn't even conceive of it. My goal is to deadlift my bodyweight and I'm pretty close to that goal.

I was feeling pretty great about this last night until I looked over and the skinny dude next to me was deadlifting FOUR HUNDRED pounds. Sheesh. Whatever. Showoff.

I'm currently working on strength gains, so I'm doing four sets of four reps. Four reps isn't much, so you really have to lift a lot to make it work. I'm stuck at 25lb dumbbells for my dumbbell bench press. It's just too much of a jump to 30lb weights - I can't get them lifted in place. I wish my gym had smaller increments because I can't see how I'm going to make that leap.

Have I bored you enough yet? Anyway, I PROMISE I'll come back to you with a ride report after Sunday. I am determined to spend some time on my bike. In the meantime, check out the photos my husband took the other day when it was all icy and foggy:


Groover said...

Just found your blog because your cat in your profile picture looks exactly like my cat, which made me curious.

Great gym program. Deadlifts help me heaps to improve my cycling. Where is the ride report you promised? :-)

Love the photos your husband took.

Richard said...

Jeez - no new cycling posts in almost two months. What's the hold up?