Monday, September 24, 2007

Summer is Over. Wah.

We've actually been riding quite a bit but I've been lazy and not updating. Yesterday we meant to go to a ride/picnic gathering but I thought it was at Poor Farm Park and, uh, it was at Pocahontas State Park instead. Oops? So, hey, we got in a couple good laps at Poor Farm yesterday and then went back home for lunch. Mostly we've been trying to make the most of what after-work daylight we have left so we've been riding the Buttermilk Heights trail to Forest Hill and riding the never-gets-easier lap there. I know I've talked about it before - it's a three-four mile loop that is really technical and has a lot of climbing. It's also got a great set of whoop-de-doos (basically a trail that drops into and out of a deep ravine repeatedly, so it's sort of roller-coastery. Fun and scary.)

Here's the cement bridge of doom at the beginning of Forest Hill. I refuse to ride it:

Forest Hill Sept 07

An action shot at the top of a whoop:

Forest Hill turn Sept 07

The outside edge of this switchback turn goes straight down a hill. It took me weeks to get up the nerve to ride this:

forest hill switchback

Forest Hill is always a gut-wrenching challenge but the last quarter mile is all super fast singletrack so if you have anything left, it's fun to use it up there. It's a nice reward after all the climbing, for sure. I'm sad that this is probably the last week that after-work rides will be feasible. I don't night-ride so it's gonna be spin class at the gym for me. Bleh.


Mallie said...

Why don't you ride that cement bridge? It looks pretty straight forward to me. Is the pic not showing deep crevices or something?

Holler at me at enduroeejit at gmail dot com and I'll talk with you about weights.

Jill said...

I wouldn't ride that bridge either. Vertigo is my white whale.