Sunday, September 2, 2007

Amblus Blog: Now with 50% More Excitement!

Seriously, how boring am I? I have been riding, but it's all the same local loop in different directions. It's always hard, it's always hot, I get poison ivy and the mosquitoes love me like I'm made of creme brulee. (Which, judging by the size of my thighs, I am. Hmph.)

Anyway, today we are actually packing up the bikes and driving a whole 20 miles out of town to ride, AND, I have a brand new shiny Camelbak-pocket-sized digital camera, so I can take many shiny pictures with which to amuse all two of you who read this. Aren't I thoughtful? More later!


f5000sl said...

Tisk, Tisk!

You should call us for a ride...

Lisa and I are feeling left out!

Amblus said...

Left out of what? We've been riding alone all summer and nobody ever calls us either. Hmph.