Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sorry, kids.

I'm here! Still alive! I just took a break and it ended up being a lot longer than I thought. I have been riding, but not a lot, as the weather has not been cooperating. God, could it rain more? No really, COULD IT?

I did recently make the decision to not bother with racing until fall, if at all. I've just got too many other things pulling for my attention and I need biking to be a relaxing thing, not another source of stress. As for rides, its mostly been the usual local stuff and I've really enjoyed the last few rides I did. The weight lifting program I'm doing has helped a lot with general strength, though my endurance has suffered over the winter.

I have photos in my camera from a group ride I did a few weeks ago but I've been so busy with craft show stuff that I haven't uploaded them yet. However, Travis was cool enough to take some pictures:

Jay and Kenny both got flats right here:

JRP april 1

Headed up the hill from Buttermilk North:

JRP april2

Me at the back trying to catch the pack:

JRP april 3


Skeezix said...

Man, I totally understand about the endurance thing. I tried to do a race on Easter weekend and got halfway through it before I said 'fuckit' and quit. (also I didn't want to end up with a terrible chest cold again like the previous year).

Mallie said...

Glad to see you back! I'm not racing until late summer/early fall either. Same thing. Riding had become a chore and I need it to be fun right now.

Best of luck with all your craft shows.