Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where It's At.

Hi, I know. It's gonna be a bit slower around her for a while because my riding schedule has narrowed to one ride a week, if I'm lucky. Sadly, with an 8:30-5pm work schedule I don't have enough daylight coming or going to ride during the week, and night riding does not appeal. Don't even try to convince me because I don't care. The woods at night is no place for me.

That leaves Sunday and the occasional Saturday to ride, which is okay. I'm ready to slow down on the outdoor cycling and focus on other things, like weight lifting and spinning. Assuming I don't have conflicts, here's my current schedule:

Monday: yoga class w/ super-excellent and hilarious instructor. (I think I have a girl crush on her.)

Tuesday: 20 minute cardio warm-up, 1 hour of free weights

Wednesday: spinning class

Thursday: 20 minute cardio warm-up, 1 hour of free weights

Friday: off

Saturday: spinning class and weight lifting class (or mountain bike ride)

Sunday: mountain bike ride (weather permitting)

I don't always achieve all of it and Saturdays are hard because of craft shows and whatnot, but on the whole it's been working so far. My gym is great for the classes but the weight rooms sucks ass. Sure, it's big, but it's also dark and poorly laid out. I also hate the staring eyes of the weight room guys who seem to think I'm either an interloper or their own personal entertainment. Gross.

To remedy this I've started going to the very swanky (and free) gym on campus. For some reason college guys don't intimidate me at all. I consider them beneath notice and just march in and do my thing. It helps, too, that the weights room is big and light and well-designed. I went on Tuesday night and while I was lifting there was a cardio dance class going on in the glassed-in studio. It was all hip rolling and jazz hands and I could barely drag my eyes away from the horror of it. Dance classes are my hell and I'm impressed by anyone who willingly submits to such outlandish torture.

ANYWAY, i did ride last Sunday, all by myself. Everyone else was busy or feeling under the weather but it was a GORGEOUS day so I took myself over to Powhite and rode for an hour, mostly through some stunningly gross spiderwebs. It was fun though - I don't get to ride alone very often and I like that I can ride whatever pace i feel like and stop whenever I want. I am perfectly happy in my own company that way.



Mallie said...

I don't see any "core" listed in those workouts, missy!!! :)

We've started a weekly urban MTB ride that's a blast in the dark. I'm sure you could set something up like that. With street lights, you only need a blinkie and for one or two folks to wear a camping style headlamp!

Amblus said...

The core is built in! I do a big chunk of core work as part of each weights workout.

An urban ride isn't a bad idea, but riding on the street here is tough because there aren't any bike lanes on our side of the river. We'd pretty much have to go across the bridge and down a very very dark section of road to get to a place that's safe to ride at night. Also: hate cars.

Mallie said...

We don't have bike lanes either. Channel your inner bike messenger!

Amblus said...

Hate cars? It's why I don't have a road bike. I'm actually fine with spinning classes and weekend rides. I'm a wimp on the road in broad daylight.

Skeezix said...

Nice schedule!

I'm loving Spinning right now, it's knocking me on my ass and making me sleep like a baby.

tunnybell said...

Awesome story! I'm totally jealous! I had a big bad mtn bike crash a few years ago after a big jump gone wrong (busted helmet, bad concussion, 6 weeks hiatus from life - damn trees) and now I'm the biggest weenie ever. But I can live vicariously through you! I'm a roadie these days but Minneapolis is good for that life. Winter really does bite though. That's why God made snowboards.

Anonymous said...
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